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Welcome to Believers’ Fellowship

Thank God for His Eternal Salvation and His Everlasting Love towards us that has brought Spiritual enthusiasm to love Him and His Word of Integrity. The Word of God has been real and enlightening to us through the relationship we have with Christ.





  The Blood of Jesus

  The BLOOD OF JESUS is more than sufficient to wash away your sin

  and make you a new person! Whenever the devil comes & condemns

  you, that's when you need to declare that the BLOOD OF JESUS has...


  Marriage, Husbands, Wives, Children

  Husbands & Wives, Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to

  another in the fear of God. LOVE is not a compelling factor, nor is it

  designed to control each other in selfishness. But LOVE works...


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  • BFManuYasha
  • Believers-Fellowship

Book Shop Times

Monday to Friday - 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Saturdays - 9:00AM to 2.00PM

Service Times

Sunday Services

  • Sinhala service @ 8am
Teen’s fellowship (ages 13-20) @ 8am
  • English service @ 10.30am
  • English/Sinhala service @ 5.00pm
Children’s fellowship (ages 4-12) for all services 

Bible Studies

  • Sinhala Bible study (Tuesday) @ 9am
  • English Bible study (Wednesday) @ 6.15pm

Men's Prayer (Friday) @ 6pm

Ministry Address

2nd Floor, No: 28,

Galle Road,

Dehiwala South, Sri Lanka.

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