Welcome to Believers’ Fellowship

Manu Asha webThank God for His Eternal Salvation and His Everlasting Love towards us that has brought Spiritual enthusiasm to love Him and His Word of Integrity. The Word of God has been real and enlightening to us through the relationship we have with Christ.   


Book Shop Times

Monday to Friday - 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Saturdays - 9:00AM to 2.00PM



Sunday Services

  • Sinhala service @ 8am
Teen’s fellowship (ages 13-20) @ 8am
  • English service @ 11am
  • English/Sinhala service @ 5.00pm
Children’s fellowship (ages 4-12) for all services

Bible Study

  • Sinhala - Tuesday @ 9am

Ministry Address

2nd Floor, 28, Galle Road,

Dehiwala South, Sri Lanka.

A free gift of God

God loves you and values you so much, He gave a Gift from Heaven for you to receive and be saved. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die, so that mankind could be saved from sin. There is no other Name given under Heaven among men, whereby men can be saved. There is One God and One Mediator between God and man – Jesus Christ.

What must I do to be Saved?


Why do we have to Confess & Pray Scriptures from the Bible?

Jesus Christ is our model. With the Scriptures, He encountered temptations and overcame them, answered His critics, and even prayed the words of the Psalms on the cross. Praying the Scriptures is talking to God in His own language. How does a baby learn to talk? By listening to His Father’s voice.